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About Us

Kidteez is an online brand that is originated, owned, operated and designed with parents in mind. Our brand represents the every day humor of being a parent! Parenthood is the best thing to happen to us!

It all started in 2011 with conversations around the office about what our kids are into, how many points they scored in last night’s game, things we can’t believe our kids said or did, discussions about entering pre-school and graduating college and the list goes on and on. These conversations quickly turned into the idea that we could make a really fun brand of kids clothes out of the variety of interests and endless inspiration we receive from our kids every day. Our goal was to create a brand that would appeal to both kids and parents by cherishing the fun in growing up and celebrating who your kids are becoming. Kidteez was conceived from these ideas and has turned into a fun, fast paced, and intentionally “G” rated business. Parenthood provides the inspiration we need to drive our business and we enjoy sharing our experiences with you through our products.

We truly believe our kids are the future. We have the next generation of sports superstars, comedians, presidents, philosophers, scientists, doctors, artists and musicians just to name a few! Here at Kidteez we believe in every child’s dream and we value the wide variety of interests, hobbies and humor that appeals to each and every kid. Kidteez prides itself on providing a little something for everyone. We celebrate kid’s differences and encourage them to be the individuals they want!

Check us out, tell us what you think and share some inspiration. We love hearing customer stories as much as we love sharing ours with you! Kidteez. Fun for the whole family!